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DINUBA PHARMACY offers professional consultations with our Pharmacists to provide you with a Personalized Medication Plan and covering the full range of health issues and questions you and your family face. Appointments are free, and we even have sit-down areas or consultation rooms for your comfort and privacy.

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What is a Personalized Medication Plan?

We start with an opportunity to talk and be introduced to your Pharmacist about any key concerns you need addressed. During your appointment, your Pharmacist will ask you about any medication or supplements you are taking, general health and well being and will answer any questions. It will also involve discussion regarding your lifestyle, stress levels, eating habits and any other concerns you may have. The consultation helps you get the best from your medicine (if prescribed) and your Pharmacist can recommend and discuss with you any lifestyle modifications that may be appropriate.

They will also request for you to revisit your doctor if they feel the need. At DINUBA PHARMACY, customers can arrange an appointment with a Pharmacist at any time and follow-up appointments are also available so that we can:

  • Ensure new customers have been introduced to our Pharmacist
  • Provide a personalized medication plan
  • Ensure your medicines are working well and explain their use for your condition (if applicable)
  • Discuss your medicines, general health, lifestyle and any other concerns
  • Answer any questions about your medication or health
  • Make recommendations to achieve the best possible outcome for your health
  • Advise you about other services that will help you manage your medication and lifestyle.
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